90W Harley Road Glide Dual LED Headlights

Harley Road Glide Dual LED Headlights are the most amazing headlights that you can install in your bike. They come with a one of a kind design that offers some great features to you. One of the best features of the headlight is that it offers a good high and low beam output of about High beam 90W / Low beam 60W. The product is a high-quality waterproof item which makes it suitable for all weathers as well as durable due to water resistance.

The Harley Road Glide Dual LED Headlights are specially designed to provide the user a more sharp and natural light output. This allows the user to feel day-like experience when riding the bike. The light output is much more powerful as compared to any other headlights available in the market. The superior and powerful dual LED lights illuminate a whiter colored light in comparison to the normal halogen headlight, which is yellow in color, the Harley Road Glide Dual LED Headlights give a much brighter white light that gives much more clearer view of the screen.


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