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Brighter 40W LED Auxiliary Lamp Kits with DRL and Amber Turn Signals For Motorcycle


High Quality: Die-cast aluminum housings are lightweight and corrosion-free, stainless steel mounting brackets and hardware provide high strength and freedom from corrosion.

Easy Installation: No punching and modifications are required, only need to assemble and install the accessories of the light kits. With the Mounting bracket 360 °universal adjustment bracket, feel free to adjust the angle you want.


  1. Power:40W
  2. Voltage: DC10-30V
  3. Waterproof: IP67
  4. Color temperature:6000K
  5. Work temperature: -45℃--85℃
  6. Life span: 30000hours
  7. Lumens: 4500LM


Universal Motorcycle Auxiliary Light. Fits for BMW R1200GS F800GS K1600 KTM HONDA (Lightx2), Harley Models, and Other Motorcycles.

For BMW Motorcycle:

F650 1997-later
F650CS 2001-later
F650GS 2001-later
F650ST 1997-later
F700GS 2013-later
F800GS 2008-later
F800GT 2013-later
F800R 2009-later
F800S 2006-later
F800ST 2006-later
BMW G310R later
BMW G450X 2009-later
G650GS 2009-later
G650X 2007-later
BMW HD2 2011
HP2 2006-2010
HP4 2013-2014
K1100LT 1993-later
K1100RS 1993-later
K1200 Sport 2008
K1200GT ABS 2003-later
K1200LT 1999-later
K1200LTC 1999-later
K1200LTI Icon 2001
K1200LTS 1999-later
K1200R 2005-later
K1200RS 1997-later
K1200S 2005
K1300GT 2009-later
K1300R 2009-later
K1300S 2009-later
K1600GT 2011-later
K1600GTL 2011-later
K75 1988-later
R1100GS 1994-later
R1100R 1995-later
R1100RS 1993-later
R1100RSL 1994-later
R1100RT 1994-later
R1100RT-P 1994-later
R1100S 1999-later
R1100SA 2000-later
R1150GS 1999-later
R1150R 2001-later
R1150RS 2001-later
R1150RT 2002-later
R1150RT-P 2001-later
R1200C 1996-later
R1200CL 2002-later
R1200GS 2004-later
R1200R 2007-later
R1200RS 2015-later
R1200RT 2005-later
R1200RT-P 2005-later
R1200S 2006-later
R1200ST 2005-later
R850 1996-later
R850R 1995-later
R900RT 1995-later
RG1200GS 2005-later
S1000RR 2009-later
S1000XR ABS 2016

Package includes:

2*Led Auxiliary Lamp, 2*Protect Cover, and 1*Switch Wiring