45L Portable Refrigerator Car Travel Freezer

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Anthony E.
Awesome for camping

Awesome freezer great for camping. When it says it will get to negative 4 degrees. It does!!

Diane B.
So far its great

Accurate temperatures, got cold very quickly, and even froze to keep ice cream rock-hard. Loved being able to go on a trip and have my cooler not rely on ice packs and keep a consistent temperature!

Brenda C.
Low power draw Cools down fast

I bought this cooler to add an additional fridge to my boat. One our first trip using it it worked better than expected. Know I dont have to worry about getting ice. Also beers are cooled to perfection. Much better than in a typical cooler. I cant say if this will last. But the performance is excellent.

Eric M.
Just as ordered

The refrigerator is very necessary for me to be outdoors. It is very convenient to carry and has good power consumption performance. I like it very much.

Maxine O.
Worth the money

The appearance, size and capacity all meet my requirements. The refrigeration effect is great and there are partitions to help me separate different foods. It's essential for camping.

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