Hideaway Emergency Wraning Strobe Light


Color: Amber
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The new strobe lights are brighter and more effective than their previous version and feature a built-in flasher and heat sink. This LED hideaway unit is used for internal mounting within headlights, taillights, and other various light assemblies. The emergency LED light is the brightest and perfect solution for undercover vehicles utilizing the latest in LED technology.

Key Features:

  • Scroll through 14 different pattern selections.
  • Each light head has a built-in flasher and no control box.
  • Mounts onto any 1" hole in headlights, tail lights, etc.
  • Easily replaces traditional hideaway strobe with existing 1" hole.
  • Crystal clear cylinder lens for vibrant colors
  • Vibration and moisture resistant.
  • Clear impact-resistant lens.
  • Sync up to 8 units 


Voltage: DC 12V 
LEDs per Light: 8
Power: 1W each, 8W total
- Lighthead: 1.5" Base, 15/16" Lens
- In-line Driver: 4"
Total Cable Length: 72"

Fit for:

Universal for all vehicles with a 12V power source


Professional installation is recommended

Package Included:

1 x LED Lighthead with In-line Driver

Necessary Hardware

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